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Comprehensive Clinical Psychology (CCP)


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Hrsg. v. Alan S Bellack und Michel Hersen


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Elsevier Science

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ccp-online is the electronic version of the acclaimed 11-volume reference work Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, published by Elsevier Science in August 1998.

Comprehensive Clinical Psychology is the only reference for the field and includes 267 chapters, 7,000 pages, approx. 28,000 references and approx. 37,000 subject index items. It covers everything from the history and theory of the field, to current thinking on training, clinical techniques, professional standards and practices, and socio-cultural factors in mental health.

ccp-online, the first major reference work on ScienceDirect, brings researchers, teaching staff, clinicians and students desk-top access to unparalleled coverage of the field of clinical psychology in one easy-to-navigate resource.

Researchers, clinicians, teaching staff and students will all benefit from the improved research performance that access to ccp-online on ScienceDirect provides. Quick and simple searching procedures, together with ScienceDirect's user-friendly interface, ensure easy access to the information required.

Annual access to ccp-online includes:

  • Browsing of the full text in HTML and PDF formats (267 chapters, in 7,000 pages written by experts from over 20 countries)
  • Searching of individual volumes or the entire work at the level of chapter title, subheading, author, references or full text
  • Browsing and searching of the hierarchical subject index (approx 37,000 entries)
  • Dynamic linking from cited references to abstracts in ScienceDirect standard search and other databases including including PsycINFO, MEDLINE and EMBASE where available (there are approx. 28,000 references in ccp-online)
  • Access to the full-text article in ScienceDirect (where subscribed)

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