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Systems Medicine
Integrative, Qualitative and Computational Approaches


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1st Edition

Hrsg. v. Olaf Wolkenhauer


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Elsevier Science

Systems Medicine. Integrative, Qualitative and Computational Approaches

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Technological advances in generated molecular and cell biological data are transforming biomedical research. Sequencing, multi-omics and imaging technologies are likely to have deep impact on the future of medical practice. In parallel to technological developments, methodologies to gather, integrate, visualize and analyze heterogeneous and large-scale data sets are needed to develop new approaches for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

Systems Medicine: Integrative, Qualitative and Computational Approaches is an innovative, interdisciplinary and integrative approach that extends the concept of systems biology and the unprecedented insights that computational methods and mathematical modeling offer of the interactions and network behavior of complex biological systems, to novel clinically relevant applications for the design of more successful prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

This 3 volume work features 132 entries from renowned experts in the fields and covers the tools, methods, algorithms and data analysis workflows used for integrating and analyzing multi-dimensional data routinely generated in clinical settings with the aim of providing medical practitioners with robust clinical decision support systems.

Importantly the work delves into the applications of systems medicine in areas such as tumor systems biology, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases as well as immunology and infectious diseases amongst others.

This is a fundamental resource for biomedical students and researchers as well as medical practitioners who need to need to adopt advances in computational tools and methods into the clinical practice.

Key Features

  • Encyclopedic coverage: "one-stop" resource for access to information written by world-leading scholars in the field of Systems Biology and Systems Medicine, with easy cross-referencing of related articles to promote understanding and further research
  • Authoritative: the whole work is authored and edited by recognized experts in the field, with a range of different expertise, ensuring a high quality standard
  • Digitally innovative: Hyperlinked references and further readings, cross-references and diagrams/images will allow readers to easily navigate a wealth of information


Biology and biomedical students, researchers and academics; medical practitioners interested in systems medicine approaches and pharmaceutical industry scientists

Table of Contents


Data generation techniques


Data analysis tools and techniques


Biomedical databases and standards


Network analysis


Tumor biology and oncology


Immunology from infectious diseases to autoimmunity


Metabolic and cardiovascular diseases


Clinical applications


Environmental systems medicine


Molecular/genetic aspects in systems medicine

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