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International Encyclopedia of Transportation


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1st Edition

Hrsg. v. Roger Vickerman


Inhalt :: Content

Umfassendes, interdisziplinäres Referenzwerk mit rund 600 ausführlichen Beiträgen von internationalen Fachexperten zu allen Aspekten des Verkehrs- und Transportwesens und seinen globalen Auswirkungen. Zu den behandelten Themen zählen u.a.: Verkehrsträger, Güterverkehr und Logistik, Verkehrssicherheit, Verkehrsökonomie, Verkehrsmanagement, Verkehrsmodellierung und Datenmanagement, Verkehrspolitik und -planung, Verkehrspsychologie sowie Nachhaltigkeit und Gesundheitsaspekte im Verkehr.

Ausführlich behandelt werden auch zukünftige technologische Entwicklungen, wie z.B. selbstfahrende Fahrzeuge, cyber-physische Systeme und Big-Data-Analytik.

Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2021 in 1. Auflage veröffentlichte Printausgabe zugrunde.

International Encyclopedia of Transportation, 1st Edition

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Elsevier Science

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In an increasingly globalised world, despite reductions in costs and time, transportation has become even more important as a facilitator of economic and human interaction; this is reflected in technical advances in transportation systems, increasing interest in how transportation interacts with society and the need to provide novel approaches to understanding its impacts. This has become particularly acute with the impact that Covid-19 has had on transportation across the world, at local, national and international levels.

Encyclopedia of Transportation - containing almost 600 articles - brings a cross-cutting and integrated approach to all aspects of transportation from a variety of interdisciplinary fields including engineering, operations research, economics, geography and sociology in order to understand the changes taking place.

Emphasising the interaction between these different aspects of research, it offers new solutions to modern-day problems related to transportation. Each of its nine sections is based around familiar themes, but brings together the views of experts from different disciplinary perspectives. Each section is edited by a subject expert who has commissioned articles from a range of authors representing different disciplines, different parts of the world and different social perspectives.

The nine sections are structured around the following themes: Transport Modes; Freight Transport and Logistics; Transport Safety and Security; Transport Economics; Traffic Management; Transport Modelling and Data Management; Transport Policy and Planning; Transport Psychology; Sustainability and Health Issues in Transportation. Some articles provide a technical introduction to a topic whilst others provide a bridge between topics or a more future-oriented view of new research areas or challenges. The end result is a reference work that offers researchers and practitioners new approaches, new ways of thinking and novel solutions to problems.

All-encompassing and expertly authored, this outstanding reference work will be essential reading for all students and researchers interested in transportation and its global impact in what is a very uncertain world.

Key Features

  • Provides a forward looking and integrated approach to transportation
  • Updated with future technological impacts, such as self-driving vehicles, cyber-physical systems and big data analytics
  • Includes comprehensive coverage
  • Presents a worldwide approach, including sets of comparative studies and applications


Researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students of transportation

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Transport Modes
  • Section 2: Freight Transport and Logistics
  • Section 3: Transport Safety and Security
  • Section 4: Transport Economics
  • Section 5: Traffic Management
  • Section 6: Transport Modelling and Data Management
  • Section 7: Transport Policy and Planning
  • Section 8: Transport Psychology
  • Section 9: Sustainability and Health Issues in Transportation

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