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Encyclopedia of Mycology


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1st Edition

Hrsg. v. Oscar Zaragoza und Arturo Casadevall


Inhalt :: Content

Umfassendes, multidisziplinäres Referenzwerk mit ausführlichen Beiträgen von internationalen Fachwissenschaftlern zur Mykologie als einem Thema, dessen Bedeutung in einem Ökosystem mit seinen engen Verbindungen zur Botanik, Mikrobiologie, Biotechnologie und Medizin zunehmend allgemein anerkannt wird. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2021 in 1. Auflage veröffentlichte Printausgabe zugrunde.

Encyclopedia of Mycology

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Elsevier Science

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Encyclopedia of Mycology provides a broad and multidisciplinary overview of a subject whose importance in an ecosystem is becoming more and more universally accepted with its close links to botany, microbiology, biotechnology and medicine. While there are many subject-specific works available on the topics presented, from a multidisciplinary point-of-view it is difficult to find a reliable and updated source such as this one. This work is unique in that it is a one-stop-shop on every topic area of this exciting field.

Key Features

  • Offers students and researchers a one-stop shop with access to a wealth of information on multiple subject areas currently only available in scattered or non-technical sources.
  • Provides an authoritative resource authored by outstanding scientists in the field who cover a range of disciplines
  • Written in a practical and unified language that can be used for teaching, but also serve as a resource for researchers and managers


Students and researchers in Mycology, Botany, Microbiology, Food Science, Biotechnology and Biomedical sciences. Relevant industry professionals, e.g. food scientists, biotechnologists

Table of Contents

  • Clinical Myology
  • Environmental Mycology
  • Fungal Biotechnology
  • Macroscopic fungi and mushrooms
  • Fungal Biology

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