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Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry


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3rd Edition

Hrsg. v. Joseph Jez


Inhalt :: Content

Umfassendes Referenzwerk mit ausführlichen Beiträgen von internationalen Fachwissenschaftlern zu den Bereichen Biochemie und Molekularbiologie. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2021 in 3. Auflage veröffentlichte Printausgabe zugrunde.

Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry, 3rd Edition

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Elsevier Science

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Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry has always been characterized by its unique and comprehensive content. Since publication of the 2nd edition, many important discoveries have been made leading to novel concepts in several areas of biochemistry, and new technologies have advanced our understanding of key processes of life. All of these advances are included in the new and expanded third edition. This is the most up-to-date and complete resource on biochemistry and molecular biology, provided through contributions by leading experts in the field.

Key Features

  • A "one-stop", comprehensive resource on "the chemistry of life", including a wealth of information and critical summaries to support research and teaching activities
  • Each chapter is written concisely to guide the reader though the topic, using a consistent and unified terminology
  • Clearly organized into seven logical sections, each curated by a world-leader in the field and the Editor in Chief


Students and researchers in biology, chemistry and biomedical sciences; academic scientists involved in teaching

Table of Contents

1. Lipids, Carbohydrates, Membranes

2. Proteins

3. Bioenergy

4. Metabolism

5. Cell Biology

6. Signaling

7. Molecular Biology

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