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Encyclopedia of Energy Storage


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1st Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Luisa Cabeza


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Energy Storage

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Encyclopedia of Energy Storage, Four Volume Set provides a point-of-entry, foundational-level resource for all scientists and practitioners interested in this exciting field. All energy storage technologies - including both their fundamentals, materials and applications – are covered, with contributions written and expertly curated by some of the world's leading scientists. The result is a comprehensive collection of the most important data, concepts and studies published in the field. Clearly structured into eight thematic sections, the book's coverage includes storage related to thermodynamics, thermal energy, thermal mechanical and mechanical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage and batteries, hydroenergy, and finally, capacitors/supercapacitors. This work will be an invaluable tool for researchers in the fields of materials science, energy, engineering, chemistry and physics, and for readers in both industry and academia. Given the rapid expansion of this field and of its literature, this timely compilation of definitive reviews is especially important.

Key Features

  • Offers a contemporary review of current energy storage research and insights into the future direction of the field, thus negating the need for individual searches across various resources
  • Provides a meticulously organized resource, with articles split into 8 sections on key topics to allow students, researchers and professionals to find relevant information quickly and easily
  • Includes chapters written by academics and practitioners from various fields and regions, ensuring that the knowledge within is easily understood by, and applicable to, a large audience


Primary audience: Academic and Industry Researchers, including postgraduates, working in energy and energy systems. Secondary audience: Engineers, Policy makers.

Table of Contents

1. Thermodynamics of Energy Storage

2. Thermal Energy Storage

3. Thermal Mechanical Energy Storage

4. Mechanical Energy Storage

5. Electrochemical Storage

6. Batteries

7. Hydroenergy Storage

8. Capacitors / Supercapacitors

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