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Encyclopedia of Inland Waters


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2nd Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Klement Tockner, Thomas Mehner


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, 2nd Edition 2022

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Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Second Edition, Three Volume Set focuses on a variety of key areas surrounding inland waters, including the distribution of water on Earth, the properties of water, including the hydrologic cycle, the physics of water movement in lakes and rivers, the value of aesthetics to waterborne disease, metabolism of aquatic ecosystems and behavior of aquatic organisms, pollution conservation, diversity of organisms, and diversity and cycling of chemicals. New coverage of advances in the field over the last decade from the structures, functions, values of, and pressures on rivers, lakes, wetlands and ground waters, to the underlying concepts and theories are also included. Rather than a previously outdated A-Z approach used to list articles, the new edition has 270 articles—an increase of 10% from previously-arranged via a taxonomic approach within 7 thematic sections, thus allowing for greater serendipity and ease of navigation for the user. The book's Editors-in-Chief will put specific emphasis on the diversity of the entire team in respect to expertise, age, gender and geographic distribution.

Key Features

  • Offers readers a "one-stop", comprehensive resource for access to a wealth of information and critical summaries to fully support their research and activities in this area
  • Includes interdisciplinary articles written by renowned academics and practitioners from various fields and regions, thus ensuring the content provides state-of-the-art information and knowledge about the structure, functions, values, threats and management opportunities for inland water
  • Fills a critical gap of information in a field that has seen significant progress in past years, ranging from the structures, functions, values of, and pressures on rivers, lakes, wetlands and ground waters, to underlying concepts and theories


Limnologists, ecologists, water managers, students and postgraduate scientists in ecology, aquatic biology, global change biology, biodiversity, and ecosystem management. Policy makers in governmental, non-governmental and professional organizations.

Table of Contents

  • Structures and Functions of Inland Water – Lakes
  • Structures and Functions of Inland Waters – Rivers
  • Structures and Functions of Inland Waters – Wetlands
  • Structures and Functions of Inland Waters – Groundwater
  • Human pressures and management of Inland Waters
  • Social values of Inland Waters
  • Fundamental concepts and theories
  • Emerging Methods and Topics

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