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Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation


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1st Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Dominick A. DellaSala und Michael I. Goldstein


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Elsevier Science

Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation

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Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation, part of a three-volume set, updates on humanity's expanding ecological footprint. With climate change, increases in human population, consumption levels, and other anthropogenic factors, nearly half the known species on Earth could soon be gone. This book provides a global synthesis of the world's imperiled species and ecosystems. It documents rarity and endangerment, the major drivers of loss, areas of conservation importance, and implementation strategies to save and restore imperiled species and ecosystems. This is first of its kind coverage of Earth's imperiled species and ecosystems in a comprehensive encyclopedia.

Key Features

  • Provides first of its kind coverage of Earth's imperiled species and ecosystems in one source, including recommendations for sustainability and conservation
  • Includes global and regional applications, with an emphasis on the integration of biology, geography and land-use
  • Presents reader-friendly, top notch scientific articles written in easy-to-understand language with strong visual graphics

Important Areas of Coverage:

  • Imperiled Plants
  • Imperiled Vertebrates
  • Imperiled Invertebrates
  • Imperiled Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Imperiled Freshwater Ecosystems
  • Imperiled MarineEcosystems
  • Imperiled Ecosystem Services
  • Conservation Case Studies

Table of Contents

1. Rarity and Imperilment

2. Species at Risk: Imperiled Plants

3. Species at Risk: Imperiled Vertebrates

4. Species at Risk: Imperiled Invertebrates

5. Imperiled Terrestrial Ecosystems

6. Imperiled Freshwater Ecosystems

7. Imperiled Marine Ecosystems

8. Imperiled Ecosystem Services

9. Conservation Case Studies


Students and researchers interested in conservation biology, sustainability, forestry, ecology, wildlife management, marine ecology, population biology, environmental ethics, natural resource policy and biogeography. Concerned government and non-government organizations e.g. Convention on Biological Diversity, IUCN, Conservation International

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