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Encyclopedia of Materials: Electronics


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1st Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. Haseeb Abdul


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Materials: Electronics

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Encyclopedia of Materials: Electronics, Three Volume Set provides a compilation on all aspects of electronic materials and devices, i.e., their science, engineering and technology. As electronic materials are integrated into numerous devices and widely used in almost all sectors, including information and communication technology, automation and control, robotics, manufacturing, process industries, instrumentation, energy and power systems, healthcare, and defense and security, this book is an ideal reference. This area of science will play an influential role in the future. In addition, given the rapid expansion of publications in this field, the compilation of definitive reviews of this kind is especially important and invaluable. The study of electronic materials is truly multidisciplinary, therefore the contributors to, and the audience for, this work will be from the fields of materials science, engineering, physics and chemistry. This title will provide users with a single and unique reference source for fundamental and applied research in electronic materials, incorporating elements from many different disciplines and applications. The work will be an invaluable resource for libraries in universities, research organizations, and manufacturing and technology companies.

Key features

  • Offers users a "one-stop", comprehensive resource, providing contemporary reviews of current electronic materials research and insights into future directions of the field
  • Clearly structured and meticulously organized, the Encyclopedia is split into 10 sections on key topics and clearly cross-referenced to allow students, researchers and professionals to find relevant information quickly and easily
  • Includes chapters written by academics and practitioners from various fields and regions
  • Provides students, researchers and practitioners with frontier knowledge in a rapidly expanding area, underpinning the most influential technologies of our time


Researchers working in electronic materials; Academic and industrial researchers, including postgraduates working in the following areas: materials, energy, renewables, aeronautics, space, security, automotive, railways, electrical equipment, machinery, scientific equipment, computing, sensors, robotics, consumer electronics and healthcare; User searching for an introduction to electronic materials to assist directly in his/her research, while also seeking a broader context of the field

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