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Encyclopedia of Mental Health


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3rd Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. Howard Friedman und Charlotte Markey


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 3rd Edition 2023

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Key scientific trends have converged to deepen our understanding of mental health. The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted, on a global scale, the necessity for an increased focus on mental health. Conceptions of mental health and mental dysfunction have broadened, to take into account new knowledge about the genetic, biological, developmental, social, societal, and cultural nature of human beings. The Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Third Edition, Four Volume Set brings together these emerging trends and discoveries, to paint a deep-seated picture of mental health, in the context of overall health and well-being. This third edition spans across four volumes, comprising 260 comprehensive chapters on topics like depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders, suicide, personality disorders, dementia, panic attacks, paranoia, somatization, conduct disorder, dissociative disorders, obsessive–compulsive disorder, Alzheimer's disease, phobias, divorce, PTSD, burn-out, grief, as well as up-and-coming research findings on mental health topics in the wake of Covid-19. It also includes therapies–cognitive therapy, behaviorist, psychoanalytic, constructivist, exposure therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, narrative therapies, biofeedback, tele-psychology, virtual reality therapy, and more. Moreover, the encyclopedia explores links to behavioral medicine, health psychology, and other aspects of physical health. This third edition includes coverage of the validity of psychiatric diagnosis. Notably, it covers the positive aspects of mental health, including forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, hope, empathy, humor, awe, self-healing personalities, heroism, altruism, and growth. And, in modernized nations, tremendous amounts of money and effort are expended on issues involving physicality, exercise, and diet, and so discussion of physical activity, sports, exercise, dieting, and body image is also included.

Key features

  • Provides fully up-to-date descriptions of the neurological, social, genetic, and psychological factors that affect the individual and society
  • A much-needed new edition covering the many old and new mental health issues and topics that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated and highlighted globally
  • Contains more than 260 thematically arranged articles written by domain experts in the field
  • Chapters follow a consistent style and templated format and are written in a concise and accessible style
  • Of interest to public as well as research libraries with coverage of many important topics, including marital health, divorce, couples therapy, fathers, child custody, day care and day care providers, extended families, family therapy and mental health in the wake of Covid-19


Students and Researchers in Psychology, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Mental Health Practitioners, Lay audience, popular writers and reporters, allied professionals such as lawyers, social workers, and corporate researchers, faculty

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