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Encyclopedia of Solid-Liquid Interfaces


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1st Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. Klaus Wandelt und Gianlorenzo Bussetti


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Solid-Liquid Interfaces, 1st Edition 2023

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The Encyclopedia of Solid-Liquid Interfaces is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of an area of chemistry that plays a fundamental role in nature and technology. It will compile all relevant features of the field into a "one stop" reference source, relevant to a wide range of interdisciplinary scientists, researchers and academics. Encompassing 250 chapters by renowned experts, and led by leading names in the field, the contents will be organised over 4 volumes.

Key features

  • Timely: Very few recent books on Solid Liquid Interfaces, and none with the coverage this work would have
  • Comprehensive and interdisciplinary: Overview of the understanding of the ubiquitous phenomena at Solid-Liquid (dominantly but not exclusively water) Interfaces in its full interdisciplinary breadth between physics, chemistry, biology and geology
  • Indispensable resource: For all scientists and technologists whose professional activities connect with teaching, research and development requiring knowledge on solid-liquid interfaces
  • Authoritative: An up-to-date account of the experimental and theoretical research of solid-liquid interfaces on the atomic/molecular level provided by expert authors
  • Consistent: All chapters follow a common structure, making it easier for users to cross-compare and navigate the content


Academic and technological areas related to/based on surface and interface phenomena in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, as well as interdisciplinary research areas like Physical Chemistry, Technical Chemistry, Materials, Nano-Science, Technology, Bionics, Pharmacology etc. Readers of this work will be scientists and technologists whose teaching, research and development interests include properties and processes at solid-liquid interfaces

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