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Encyclopedia of Archaeology


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2nd Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. Thilo Rehren und Efthymia Nikita


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Archaeology, 2nd Edition 2023

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Archaeology is a highly relatable and fascinating subject, and deeply interdisciplinary. From using home kits to analyse our DNA and find our ancestors' origin to walking among ancient monuments embedded in modern cityscapes, from visiting museums and archaeological sites to watching adventure movies and playing video games about mummies coming to life, archaeology touches on many aspects of our everyday life. Precisely because of the inherent need of individuals and societies to know their past, archaeology has often been used and abused for political and commercial purposes. Distorted versions of the past have been put forward systematically to promote various ideologies, especially related to autochthony and national identity, while an emphasis on sensational discoveries by the media has resulted in a heavily biased account of the past, and how we study it. Encyclopedia of Archaeology 2e makes a major contribution towards enhancing the accessibility of the often very specialised archaeological knowledge by rendering all aspects of archaeological theory and practice approachable to the general scientific community, educators, students, archaeologists and anthropologists. This major reference work covers the standing of archaeology as a scientific discipline, how archaeology is practiced both in the field and in the lab, provides an archaeological geographical overview encompassing all continents and time periods, and the role of archaeology in the modern world. No existing work provides the breadth and depth of coverage as the Encyclopedia of Archaeology in such a clearly structured thematic manner, ensuring a well-balanced presentation of the discipline across the world by the people who perform and experience archaeology as native scholars. Led by a brand new international editorial team, Encyclopedia of Archaeology Second Edition will contain approximately 250 articles organized around the following 6 sections:· Archaeology as a discipline· The practice of Archaeology (fieldwork)· The practice of Archaeology (post-excavation and lab-based)· World Archaeology: Africa, Americas, and Oceania· World Archaeology: Eurasia· Archaeology and SocietyExisting chapters will be revised and fully updated with the latest developments in the area with obsolete articles being replaced by a large number of brand new chapters covering topics which have surged to prominence since publication of the previous edition. These include topics such as digital archaeology, climate change and archaeology, Islamic archaeology, and the relationship between archaeology and gaming, mass media and tv. Chapters will now follow a consistent chapter template in order to provide a more logical reading experience for the user, including emphasis on diverse case studies and real-life examples. As before, the Encyclopedia of Archaeology 2e will be delivered online via ScienceDirect (as well as in print) – allowing for extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy.

Key features

  • Approximately 250 outstanding articles coherently structured into 6 key sections
  • Includes many brand new chapters on topics which have recently shot to prominence including digital archaeology, climate change and archaeology, and Islamic archaeology
  • Much greater emphasis on ethnic and gender diversity in editorial board and contributors, with a truly global authorship
  • Chapters follow a consistent chapter template thus providing a logical reading experience for the audience
  • Contains multiple diverse case studies and real-life examples in order to aid the reader


Researchers/academics of archaeology/history/social sciences at different career stages, from undergraduate students building on their core knowledge and familiarizing themselves with the diverse aspects of this discipline to professors preparing teaching materials and looking up scientific information beyond their immediate expertise, Professional archaeologists/social scientists interested in key concepts and authoritative essays on specific topics and methods in archaeology to inform and enrich their own professional practice

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