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Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics


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2nd Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. T. Chakraborty


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics, 2nd Edition 2023

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Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics, Second Edition, Five Volume Set is a timely, authoritative and comprehensive expansion of the classic 2005 work, delivering over 300 brand new or fully updated articles focused on core theoretical discoveries and modern applications in this subject area. Meticulously planned and structured into approximately 60 sections, it allows the user to quickly gain a solid footing in the key theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics, mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity, statistical mechanics, and the elementary particles that form the core physics background for the field. These core areas form the background for coverage of such subjects as crystallography, transport phenomena, various theoretical models (electronic, band structure, materials property models), and physical properties of materials (electrical, magnetic, optical, thermal). The work also presents useful coverage of experimental techniques, materials processing, and materials systems, as well as applied topics. Novel topics, including topology in condensed matter, graphene, integer and fractional quantum Hall effect, and other nanoscale phenomena in optics, in semiconductors, and in superconductors are presented in unusual depth. The encyclopaedia solves the problem that students and interdisciplinary researchers often have of finding clear, accessible foundational information to answer their initial questions on a topic. From there, the way the work is structured and hosted on ScienceDirect makes it easy for users to navigate their way to the most relevant in-depth information or current research content as they wish. The end-result is an outstanding reference work: modern, fully up to date, easy to navigate and logistically and consistently structured via the use of a clear chapter template. It is the perfect reference tool for the modern-day physicist.

Key features

  • Authoritative modern presentation of advances in graphene, topology, quantum effects, optics, semiconductors and superconductors, and many more areas serves to thoroughly encapsulate discoveries since the last edition, serving the reader by minimizing the need for time investment in literature and database searches
  • Meticulously organized by the editors into approximately 300 articles and 60 sub-sections offering a thematically balanced and navigable portrait of an unusually diverse interdisciplinary field
  • Logical and consistent chapter templating and writing styles adopted throughout including in use of next generation pedagogic features, resulting in a clear, structured and informative experience for the reader
  • Led by an outstanding and hugely experienced international academic team, providing peerless quality assurance as well as the guarantee of outstanding author and topic selection


Graduate students and researchers working at the boundaries of physics and materials science and engineering, materials chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology

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