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Encyclopedia of Adolescence


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2nd Edition 2024

Hrsg. v. Wendy Troop-Gordon und Enrique Neblett


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Adolescence, 2nd Edition 2024

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Encyclopedia of Adolescence, Second Edition presents a comprehensive overview of the theories, methods, and empirical evidence needed to understand this critical developmental period. Split across 3 volumes, and spanning over 130 chapters, the title begins with an overview of the history of the study of adolescence and the emerging theories and tools used to study adolescent development, as well as normative changes of adolescence, encompassing a broad range of adolescent experiences. It then examines the interpersonal and socioecological contexts which are both shaped by the adolescent and play a formative role in the adolescent's development.

In conclusion, the book examines those experiences that can compromise healthy development in adolescence and the specific mental health challenges that are common or emergent during the adolescent years. This updated edition addresses identified gaps in the earlier edition, and in similar works, expanding coverage to topics that have often been overlooked but are key experiences, tasks, or contexts affecting adolescent development.

Key features

  • Shines a unique lens on the intersection of adolescent development and racial, ethnic, economic, and health equity
  • Includes investigators from diverse and international communities
  • Incorporates a strengths-based perspective throughout each volume
  • Provides in-depth presentations of each topic by leading investigators on the relevant topic


Post-graduate researchers and practitioners in psychiatry, psychology, medicine and pediatrics, and advanced undergraduates

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