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Comprehensive Hematology and Stem Cell Research


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1st Edition 2024

Hrsg. v. Nima Rezaei


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Hematology and Stem Cell Research, 1st Edition 2024

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Comprehensive Hematology and Stem Cell Research, Four Volume Set is the first major reference to cover both stem cell research and therapy as well as the range of hematological disorders they are currently used to treat and may potentially be able to treat in the future. The book includes fundamentals, such as the underlying mechanisms of the blood and immune system, highlighting blood disorders and cancers of the blood, including lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. Other sections cover stem cell research and therapy, from harvesting stem cells to their utilization in cancer treatments.

Finally, the work will look to the future and explore newer stem cell research that may lead to future treatments. This book is an excellent resource for students at the graduate and post-graduate levels, academics, and researchers in the fields hematology, immunology and oncology.

Key features

  • Complies foundational knowledge and breakthrough research into one concise, comprehensive reference
  • Takes a translational, bench-to-bedside approach to hematological disorders and stem cell therapies
  • Covers clinical applications of stem cells, advances in the field, and promising new research


The major reference work will be used primarily by students (undergraduate and graduate), instructors, and academics in the fields of medicine (especially hematology, oncology, and immunology), biomedical research, and related disciplines, Researchers and clinicians who work in hematology, oncology, immunology, and adjacent fields

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