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Encyclopedia of Food Safety


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Hrsg. v. Yasmine Motarjemi, Gerald G. Moy und Ewen C. D. Todd


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Umfassendes, internationales Referenzwerk mit über 280 ausführlichen, begutachteten Beiträgen zum Bereich der Lebensmittelsicherheit sowie den angrenzenden Bereichen Ernährung, Lebensmittelforschung und -technologie, Public Health und Umwelt. Sämtliche Beiträge sind mit umfangreichen Querverweisen und weiterführenden Literaturhinweisen versehen. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2014 erschienene, 4-bändige Printausgabe, hrsg. von Yasmine Motarjemi unter Mitwirkung zahlreicher Fachwissenschaftler, zugrunde.

Encyclopedia of Food Safety

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Elsevier Science

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With the world's growing population, the provision of a safe, nutritious and wholesome food supply for all has become a major challenge. To achieve this, effective risk management based on sound science is required by all stakeholders, including the food industry, governments and consumers themselves. In addition, the globalization of the food supply requires the harmonization of policies and standards based on a common understanding of food safety among authorities in countries around the world. With some 280 chapters, the Encyclopedia of Food Safety provides unbiased and concise information on a broad range of food safety topics. The Encyclopedia offers a platform for experts from the field of food safety and related fields, such as public health, nutrition, food science and technology and food safety management, to share state-of-the-art knowledge with the rest of the food safety community.

Key Features

  • Provides a single source of concise, reliable and authoritative information on food safety
  • Provides professionals and other specialists working in this multidisciplinary field with the sound scientific information required to effectively and efficiently assess, manage and communicate on food safety risks
  • Covers the entire spectrum of food safety topics including biological, chemical, and physical hazards, nutrition, food science and technology and food safety management
  • Includes contributions by the foremost authorities in their fields; unbiased and concise overviews on a multitude of food safety subjects; references for further information, and specialized definitions for frequently used terms in food safety


The Encyclopedia will be useful for professionals and other specialists working in, but not limited to, the following institutions: Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies; Food Industry; Trade and Industry Organizations; Audit and Certification Bodies; Academic Institutions; Private and Governmental Scientific and Research Institutions; and International and Non-Governmental Organizations with an interest in food.

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