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Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies


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1st Edition

Hrsg. v. Martin Abraham


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies

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Sustainable technology includes the scientific understanding, development, and application of a wide range of technologies and processes and their environmental implications. Systems and life cycle analyses of energy systems, environmental management, agriculture, manufacturing, digital technologies, provide a comprehensive method for understand the full sustainability of processes. The developed of clean processes through green chemistry and engineering techniques are described. Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies is the first multi-volume reference work to employ both Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approaches to assessing wide range of technologies available and their impact upon the world.

LCA is a tool for assessing the environmental impact of a technology. It is particularly useful in comparing different technologies or products in terms of their effects on the environment. TBL goes further than measuring environmental impact and assesses sustainability by measuring three different factors: social, environmental and economic (or people, planet and profits). Both approaches are long established and widely recognized and constitute the organizing principles of Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies.

Key Features

  • Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies provides readers with a one-stop guide to the most current research within the field as well as a grounding of the fundamentals of the field of sustainable technologies
  • Written by international leaders in the field, this work offers comprehensive coverage of the field and a consistent, high-quality scientific standard
  • The use of Life Cycle Analysis and Triple Bottom Line provides a unique approach to help understanding and assessment of sustainable technologies


University libraries for students and researchers in the field of sustainable technologies, energy, engineering, material sciences and related disciplines. In addition, policy analysts or management specialists who need a basic primer in sustainable technologies

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