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Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems


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1st Edition

Hrsg. v. Bo Huang


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems

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Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems is an in-depth, state-of-the-art review of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). There is an emphasis on covering the basic theories, systematic methods, ground-breaking technologies and the practical applications of GIS.

Geographical Information Systems is a computer system used to capture, store, analyze and display information related to positions on the Earth's surface. GIS has the ability to show multiple types of information, of multiple geographical locations in one map. This enables users to assess patterns and relationships between different information points, this is crucial for multiple aspects of life and industry. 'For example, using GIS, the same map could include sites that produce pollution, such as gas stations, and sites that are sensitive to pollution, such as wetlands. Such a map would help people determine which wetlands are most at risk'. Geographical Information Systems can be used from anything as widespread as military intelligence gathering, town planning and environmental impact studies. It is one of the most important movements of modern science that directly impacts the everyday lives of millions of people around the globe.

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems has an interdisciplinary appeal, and comprehensively covers practical applications, fundamental theories and groundbreaking research on geographic information systems.

Key Features

  • Fully comprehensive, covers a rapidly expanding discipline providing readers with a detailed overview of all aspects of geographic information systems, principles and applications
  • Emphasizes the practical, socio-economic applications of GIS
  • Provides readers with a reliable, one-stop comprehensive guide, saving them time in searching for the information they need from different sources


Researchers, graduate students and professors in the field of GIS and related areas of research, from geography and environment to power and energy and information technology. Professionals in governmental departments and institutions, such as military groups and operations, taxation, town planning, natural disaster and emergency relief planning

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