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Comprehensive Remote Sensing


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Hrsg. v. Shunlin Liang


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Remote Sensing

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The field of remote sensing has quadrupled in size in the past two decades, and now increasingly draws in individuals working in a diverse set of disciplines ranging from geographers, oceanographers, meteorologists to physicists and computer scientists. Researchers from a variety of backgrounds are now accessing remote sensing data, which has led to an urgent need for a onestop reference work that can comprehensively document the development of remote sensing, from the basic principles, modelling, practical algorithms to various applications.

This multi-volume Work covers all aspects of remote sensing. Each volume is edited by well-known scientists and contributed by frontier researchers. It is a comprehensive resource and will benefit both students and researchers wanting to further their understanding of this discipline.

Key features

  • Fully comprehensive coverage of this rapidly growing discipline, giving readers a detailed overview of all aspects of Remote Sensing principles and applications.
  • "Layered content" - each article will begin with the basics before moving on to more complex concepts, making it suitable for advanced undergraduates as well as academic researchers.
  • Includes case studies, illustrating the practical application of remote sensing principles, further enhancing readers' understanding.


Doctoral researchers and advanced undergraduates in the fields of geography, environmental science, physics and information technology . Each chapter provides both introductory concepts and also extensive review of the latest development in the field.

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