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xPharm: The Comprehensive Pharmacology Reference


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Hrsg. v. S.J. Enna und David B. Bylund


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Umfassendes pharmakologisches Nachschlagewerk mit über 3.400 Beiträgen von rund 600 Fachwissenschaftlern sowie über 16.000 Literaturhinweisen. Das in vier, untereinander vernetzte Teilbereiche gegliederte Referenzwerk behandelt pharmakologische Targets (einschließlich Rezeptoren, Enzyme, Transporter und Ionenkanäle), chemische Stoffe (einschließlich Arzneimittel und endogene chemische Verbindungen), Klinische Störungen sowie grundlegende pharmakologische Prinzipien. Updates: halbjährlich.

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Elsevier Science

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

xPharm is a new type of Reference Work containing critical, timely and comprehensive data about Pharmacology. xPharm is offered as a fully interactive database covering molecular targets, agents, related disorders, and the principles that govern their interactions.

xPharm contains over 3,400 individual interlinked records and over 16,000 citations, equating to over 22,000 printed pages: xPharm is the most comprehensive, one-stop pharmacology reference work currently available.

Use xPharm to:

- Select appropriate targets for screening of new compounds

- Predict adverse effects

- Identify experts in selected areas of research

- Retrieve information for business plans and grants

- Prepare lecture materials

Unsurpassed Pharmacology Content

xPharm's content has been organized and commissioned by an outstanding editorial board led by Executive Editors, S.J. Enna and David B. Bylund.

xPharm's individual records are contributed and reviewed by recognized experts in pharmacology and life sciences. More than 600 contributors have been drawn from academia, government and the corporate world, each contributor bringing his or her unique expertise to you in one integrated database.

xPharm's content is rich in the numerical data used to define pharmacological relationships. It is written in a concise, citation-rich style that permits easy reading and assimilation of information.

Get the answers that you need

- xPharm provides direct answers to specific questions such as:

- What targets are associated with control of blood pressure?

- Where and under what physiological conditions are Alpha-1A Adrenoceptors expressed?

- What dose of a specific drug will have an effect in my animal model?

- What are the mechanisms of action of existing antihypertensive drugs?

- What kind of adverse effects are associated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors?

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