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Shreir's Corrosion


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4th edition

Hrsg. v. Tony Richardson, Bob Cottis, Rob Lindsay, Stuart Lyon, David Scantlebury, Howard Stott und Mike Graham


Inhalt :: Content

Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk zur Korrosionswissenschaft. Ausführlich behandelt werden sämtliche Aspekte des Themenbereiches, von der Korrosion metallischer und nicht-metallischer Werkstoffe in Flüssigkeiten und Gasen bis hin zur Behandlung von Korrosion in ausgewählten Industrien und Anwendungsbereichen. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2009 erschienene, 4-bändige Printausgabe zugrunde.

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Elsevier Science

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This four-volume reference work builds upon the success of past editions of Elsevier's Corrosion title (by Shreir, Jarman, and Burstein), covering the range of innovations and applications that have emerged in the years since its publication. Developed in partnership with experts from the Corrosion and Protection Centre at the University of Manchester, Shreir's Corrosion meets the research and productivity needs of engineers, consultants, and researchers alike.

Key Features

- incorporates coverage of all aspects of the corrosion phenomenon, from the science behind corrosion of metallic and non-metallic materials in liquids and gases to the management of corrosion in specific industries and applications

- features cutting-edge topics such as medical applications, metal matrix composites, and corrosion modeling

- covers the benefits and limitations of techniques from scanning probes to electrochemical noise and impedance spectroscopy


Vol. 1: Basic Concepts, High Temperature Corrosion Vol. 2: Corrosion in Liquids, Experimental Evaluation & Modelling of Corrosion Vol. 3: Corrosion of Engineering Materials Vol. 4: Management and Control of Corrosion


Industry professionals and academics working in areas such as materials science, chemical/mechanical/metallurgical engineering, and design

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