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Streaming-Video-Service mit Zugang zu hochwertigen Aufnahmen klassischer Theaterstücke aus dem Londoner Greenwich Theatre. Die von erfahrenen Theaterfachleuten Stücke inszenierten Stücke werden vor einem Live-Publikum gefilmt, um die Atmosphäre und Spannung des Live-Theaters einzufangen. Begleitet werden die Produktionen von Interviews mit Schauspielern und Crew, Bildern, Kostümen und Bühnenbildern.

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Bloomsbury Publishing

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Stage on Screen produces high quality recordings of classic plays for students and theatre enthusiasts everywhere. They professionally stage classic plays at London's historic Greenwich Theatre. The plays are filmed in front of a live audience to capture the atmosphere and tension of live theatre. The plays are directed, designed and performed by talented and experienced theatre professionals with lists of credits from major companies such as The National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe and the RSC, and from the worlds of film and television. Highly regarded by teachers and students, Stage on Screen accompany their productions with cast and crew interviews, images, costume and set designs.

Content Highlights

  • Doctor Faustus:
    Using the unabridged version of the pay, this lucid, stylish and energetic production captures perfectly both the horror and dark humour of Marlowe's tragic work. Having decided he has accumulated all he can of conventional knowledge, Doctor Faustus turns to magic in a quest for greater truths. Before long, he ends up selling his soul to the Devil

  • The School for Scandal:
    Often hailed as the best comedy of manners in English, The School for Scandal has been a crowd-pleaser for centuries. With its themes of deceit, pride, love, gossip and capriciousness, it showcases Sheridan's mastery of farce, witty dialogue and delight in satirising upper-class pretension and affectation. Using the full text, this effervescent, hilarious and beautifully staged production moves at high speed, challenging the audience to keep up with the intricately wrought and brilliant comedy of Sheridan's masterpiece

  • The Duchess of Malfi:
    This frightening and savage production proves why the play is considered one of the greatest achievements of English drama. Set in Italy in the early 15th century, it begins as a love story, with the Duchess marrying beneath her class. However, her two brothers, one cool and corrupt, the other violent and warped, have other ideas. With incredible plot twists along the way, the play ends in utter tragedy

  • Volpone:
    Volpone has long been a popular choice as a set text for students. First produced in 1606 the action takes place in 17th-century Venice, over the course of one day. Volpone, a rich libertine and conman, and Mosca, his self-seeking servant cause chaos with an audacious fraud designed to part the city's wealthiest from their fortunes. Considered among the finest of Jacobean comedies, this brilliantly staged production is a merciless satire of greed and lust

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