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Auteur Film Studies


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Bloomsbury Publishing

Screen Studies

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Screen Studies is a dynamic new learning and research platform taking users from script to screen and beyond - offering integrated and diverse content to support moving image studies.

Content Highlights

  • An expanding range of iconic and contemporary screenplays from Bloomsbury and Faber & Faber, presented in industry standard studio format: including Dunkirk, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Big Lebowski
  • Coverage of works by leading film directors such as Wes Anderson, Joel and Ethan Coen, and Christopher Nolan providing insight into professional and creative practice
  • More than 230 critical and contextual eBooks (on launch) from Bloomsbury and Faber & Faber covering the major genres, regions, people, movements and styles, and history
  • An illustrated timeline of cinema history, to enhance contextual understanding and provide links to related content elsewhere throughout the resource


Screen Studies supports users by allowing them to:

  • Browse seamlessly between content types with the easy-to-use interface when developing their work or planning classes
  • Discover relevant information with ease, using the powerful search and subject-specific taxonomy which links related content across the platform
  • Explore informative guides which illuminate key genres, periods, geographic regions, directors, screenwriters and films
  • Get to grips with iconic screenplays or thought-provoking scholarly books presented in a clutter free e-reading environment
  • Make notes, share, print or save favourites including books, chapters or other items for later; and export citations using the Personalization features
  • Link from Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to simplify access and integration with course delivery

Updated with additional content bi-annually, Screen Studies is an essential resource for academics and students engaged in research and learning around film history, theory, and practice.

Auteur Film Studies

The Auteur Film Studies collection brings together 91 concise, student-friendly e books on popular and cult films from this highly regarded Liverpool University Press imprint. From single film monographs on a range of commonly studied films across the ever-popular genres of sci-fi and horror, to overviews of key film genres and periods, Auteur Film Studies is ideal for undergraduates and includes 25 exclusive titles made available for the first time.

The collection features titles on films such as Carrie, Don't Look Now, Let the Right One In, Nosferatu, Inception, Blade Runner, Twin Peaks: Firewalk With Me, Pan's Labyrinth, Waltz With Bashir, The Matrix, and many more. Also included are titles exploring Indian film, feminist cinema, disaster movies, French cinema, German cinema, and screenwriting.

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