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Inhalt :: Content ist ein intelligentes Online-Konkordanz-Suchwerkzeug, das es erlaubt, juristische und technische Terminologie in offiziellen EU-Dokumenten in allen Kombinationen der 24 EU-Amtssprachen zu recherchieren. Im Unterschied zur EUR-Lex-Suchmaschine ist Juremy für die Phrasensuche optimiert, so dass die Treffer im spezifischen zweisprachigen Absatzkontext angezeigt werden. Neben der exakten Phrasensuche führt Juremy automatisch intelligente Suchvorgänge durch, wie z. B. die automatische Vervollständigung von Phrasen, den Abgleich von Wortstämmen oder die akzentfreie Suche.

Verlag :: Publisher

Juremy Information Technology Services

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

The Fast and User-friendly EU Terminology Search Tool

Juremy is invaluable for language service providers and freelancers working with legal or EU-related texts, looking for a reliable concordance search tool that brings official and reviewed terminology hits:

  • All 24 official EU languages in any combination.
  • Gap-filler concordance search in the official EUR-Lex database.
  • Immediate and reliable search results in bilingual view.
  • 10× time saver in EU legal terminology search.

In contrast to the EUR-Lex search engine, Juremy is streamlined for phrase lookup, so matches are presented in the specific bilingual paragraph context.

It takes Juremy a split second to find matches. And only 7 seconds from pasting the search phrase to copying the matching text, while using EUR-Lex it takes about 10× more.

In addition to exact phrase lookup, Juremy performs intelligent searches such as phrase autocomplete, word stem matching or unaccented search automatically. It can also fix the often misaligned paragraphs in EUR-Lex documents, further reducing time spent on research.

Since Juremy focuses on EU terminology research, it can provide additional specific, EU-translation focused functionality such as sorting and filtering on document metadata.

Legal translators

  • User-friendly and fast concordance search in official legal documents of the EU
  • High quality official content published by the EU Commission - EUR-Lex Sectors 1, 3, 5 and 6
  • Intelligent automatic search - Juremy returns both exact and approximate matches
  • Saves 10× time in legal and EU terminology search
  • Sorting results based on court and source of law
  • Suitable to search for expressions, phrases and longer passages of text


  • Fast search of legal documents in the EU corpus by keyword or document number
  • Fast legal research - Search and use the EU Court's jurisprudence in support of your legal arguments
  • Reliable search results - only shows documents published on the Commission's EUR-Lex website
  • Contains 24-language versions of Treaties, Legal acts, Preparatory documents and EU case-law
  • Easily searchable database of EU legal documents in your native language

EU translators

  • Fast and user-friendly term- and phrase search of the EU legal corpus
  • Intelligent search quickly finds translation of a citation that has been slightly rephrased
  • Customized for the specific needs of translators working for the bodies of the EU
  • Sorting and filtering by document metadata
  • Bilingual result view with context and linked document references - CELEX number links to the bilingual view on EUR-Lex
  • Perform more research in a fraction of the time
  • No need to open full documents in EUR-Lex
  • Sorting according to date or relevancy

Public sector

  • Contains EU Treaties, Directives, Regulations and Decisions in all 24 EU languages
  • Sectoral vocabulary easily available in your language - agriculture, consumer protection, competition law, customs and trade, public health, energy, transport, among others
  • Quick translation to your local language thanks to bilingual view
  • Searchable database of the legislative proposals by the Commission (COM documents)
  • Links provided to the Commission's official document site

We found the existing tools and databases insufficient for a productive workflow. That's why we developed Juremy, the online tool with focus on speed and quality for EU legal terminology research, so translators can spend more time on the creative part of the job.

With Juremy, translators...

  • spare several hours of work per month, and
  • enjoy the benefits of increased translation quality.

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