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Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers (MENA Premium)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu rund 80 Zeitungen des Nahen Ostens und Nordafrikas von 1870 bis zur Mitte der 1960er Jahre, die Open Access verfügbar sind (Umfang: rund 275.000 Seiten), sowie weiteren 5 Titeln von 1956 bis 2019 mit einem Umfang von rund 615.000 Seiten, die durch einmaligen Datenkauf erworben werden können (MENA Premium).
Die Sammlung umfasst überwiegend Titel in arabischer Sprache, enthält aber auch wichtige Titel in englischer und französischer Sprache, darunter vergriffene und schwer zugängliche Titel wie al-Ikhāʼ (Syrien), al-Bilād al-Saʼūdīyah (Saudi-Arabien), Tangier Gazette (Marokko) und La Vérité (Algerien).
Sämtliche Titel sind im kombinierten im kombinierten Volltext- und Faksimileformat verfügbar. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1870 ff.


Verzeichnis der enthaltenen Titel:

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East View Information Services

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From the Ottoman Empire to the Arab Spring, the countries of the Middle East and North Africa have stood at the crossroads of history. The Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection includes publications from across this dynamic region, providing unique insights into the history of individual countries, as well as broad viewpoints on key historic events from the late nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century.

Researchers will find a wealth of unique content from the Middle East and North Africa, much of which has never been digitized or available as open access material. Content in the Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection is predominantly in Arabic, but also includes key titles in English and French. The collection comprises out-of-copyright, orphaned content, and includes titles such as al-Ikhāʼ (Syria), al-Bilād al-Saʼūdīyah (Saudi Arabia), Tangier Gazette (Morocco) and La Vérité (Algeria).

The Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection is part of East View's Global Press Archive® (GPA) program. Open Access to this collection is made possible through the generous support of the Center for Research Libraries and its member institutions.

MENA Titles

Titles in the Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection include:

  • al-Akhbār (الأخبار), Lebanon, Arabic, 1958-1972
  • al-Balad (البلد), Syria, Arabic, 1950
  • al-Fayḥāʼ (الفيحاء), Syria, Arabic, 1924-1926
  • al-Inshāʼ (الانشاء), Syria, Arabic, 1949-1950
  • al-Iṣlāḥ (الإصلاح), Syria, Arabic, 1949-1959
  • al-Iqbāl (الإقبال), Lebanon, Arabic, 1902-1909
  • al-Taqaddum (التقدم), Algeria, French/Arabic, 1923-1931
  • Baghdad Times, Iraq, English, 1918-1923
  • al-Fārūq (الفاروق), Algeria, Arabic, 1913-1921
  • La Vérité, Algeria, French/Arabic, 1934-1935
  • Tangier Gazette and Morocco Mail, Morocco, English, 1934-1940
  • The Iraq Times, Iraq, English/Arabic, 1948-1964

Including nearly 80 titles and over 275,000 pages of content, the Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection provides unique insights on major historic events from 1870 to the mid-1960s.

Expand Your Collection with Premium Content

East View is pleased to offer the Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers Premium collection (MENA Premium). Users can purchase the MENA Premium collection package as a complement to the freely available Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers Open Access collection.

Comprising five in-copyright newspapers from across the region, the MENA Premium collection spans the period of 1956-2019 and offers viewpoints on key events of the 20th century and beyond, including the recent Arab Spring. The MENA Premium collection represents a collaboration between East View and the publishers of each title to make current, in-copyright material available to a global audience.

MENA Premium Collection Titles:

  • al-Akhbār (الاخبار, Lebanon, 2006-2019): Founded in 2006, al-Akhbār brings a modern approach with its publishing style and maintains a centricity on how the news and international events affect – and are perceived by – the dynamic and complex Lebanese national population.

  • al-Dustūr (الدستور, Jordan, 1967-2000): Founded in 1967, al-Dustūr plays a firm role in the institution of the modern Jordanian press. Known as Jordan's second daily newspaper in terms of distribution and prominence. The title is a successor to Filasṭīn in this collection.

  • al-Jumhūrīyah (الجمهورية, Egypt, 1962-1986): Founded in 1953 out of the aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution and having Anwar Sadat as its initial managing director, al-Jumhūrīyah represented a turning point in Egyptian press by being the first to present both opinion and news. It continues to be a well-regarded and widely read national newspaper.

  • al-Riyāḍ (الرياض, Saudi Arabia, 1972-1996): Founded in 1956, al-Riyāḍ is independent but closely aligned with the Saudi state. The newspaper was the first to achieve Saudization with its appointed editorial and managerial staff being citizens of that state. Its popularity and distribution in the Kingdom accelerated after becoming the first to introduce cartoon caricature in the Saudi press.

  • Filasṭīn (فلسطين, Israel/Palestine, 1956-1967): Founded in 1911, Filasṭīn was one of the most prominent newspapers during the time of Ottoman rule. The paper was shut down on multiple occasions by both Ottoman and British overseers due to its anti-Zionist and Anti-Greek Orthodox positions. The successor newspaper to Filasṭīn is the newspaper al-Dustūr, also found in this collection.

MENA Premium Collection Features:

  • Contains over 33,000 issues and nearly 615,000 pages of in-copyright content
  • Full page-level digitization, complete original graphics and searchable text
  • Platform offers both Arabic and English-language interfaces
  • Crowd-sourced OCR text correction functionality
  • Hosted on the same platform as the Open Access Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers collection, allowing for searching across all titles – nearly 900,000 pages of total content

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