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Encyclopedia of Turkic Languages and Linguistics Online


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Hrsg. v. Lars Johanson


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Umfassendes Referenzwerk zur türkischen Linguistik, das eine systematische Behandlung der Turksprachen vom Alttürkischen bis zu den heute gesprochenen Sprachen und Varietäten bietet.

Encyclopedia of Turkic Languages and Linguistics Online

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Brill Academic Publishers

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The Encyclopedia of Turkic Languages and Linguistics is a unique and comprehensive reference work, offering a systematic treatment of the Turkic languages from Old Turkic to the languages and varieties spoken today. Written by renowned authorities in the field, the Encyclopedia provides authoritative information on all aspects of the languages, today and in the past, from many different angles, as well as on the way these languages have been studied. It offers a synthesis of the research in the field of Turkic linguistics and provides up-to-date bibliographical coverage. As such, it is the most important reference source for knowledge on Turkic languages, and in particular on the following topics:

  • The languages of the Turkic language family, their structure, and their history
  • Writing systems used for Turkic languages, their emergence, development, and current use
  • The history of Turkic linguistics
  • The acquisition of Turkic languages
  • Language contact, areal linguistics, and multilingualism
  • Turkic dialect studies
  • Computational linguistics of Turkic languages
  • Generative approaches to Turkish
  • Turkish sign language

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