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Englischsprachiges Online-Portal für Wissen, Lernen und Bildung mit drei altersgerechten Britannica-Bibliotheken mit jeweils spezifisch aufbereitetem Wissen für Kinder, Schüler und Jugendliche sowie Studenten und Erwachsene:

Britannica Library Junior

3.000 schul- und altersgerecht aufbereitete Artikel für die Altersstufe 5-11 Jahre.

Britannica Library Student

39.000 schul- und altersgerecht aufbereitete Artikel für die Altersstufe 12-18 Jahre.

Britannica Library Adult

Über 100.000 Artikel von rund 4.500 Autoren, darunter eine Vielzahl namhafter Wissenschaftler und Nobelpreisträger, auf der Grundlage der renommierten 32-bändigen Printausgabe der "Encyclopaedia Britannica".

Der Textbestand der einzelnen, täglich aktualisierten und erweiterten Britannica-Bibliotheken wird - jeweils angepasst an die drei Altersstufen und Nutzergruppen - ergänzt durch insgesamt 52.000 Abbildungen, Karten und Infografiken, 3.200 Audio- und Videoclips sowie Animationen, einen Weltatlas und über 132.000 redaktionell geprüfte Links zu themenverwandten Websites. Ferner bietet das Online-Portal einen interaktiven Zugang aktuellen statistischen Daten sowie Basisinformationen zu über 200 Ländern weltweit. Updates: täglich.

Britannica Library

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Encyclopædia Britannica

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Britannica has been publishing world-leading trusted content for over 240 years, but it only takes two-tenths of a second for someone to form an opinion about a website. So we have worked hard to bring your patrons and members our unique age appropriate learning resource by using the very latest in web technology, elegant design, accessibility and usability.

Our all new platform introduces HTML 5 technology which enables device agnostic adaptive design, and new innovative learning resources for all age groups which are translatable into over 70 different languages. This means your patrons and members can access Britannica Library anywhere, at any time, on any device!

Why Britannica Library?

Because your library serves a community of different ages, educational needs and interests - Britannica Library contains comprehensive and interactive content for everyone - from junior students, to college students, to supporting adult lifelong learning - and provides a variety of tools to ensure deep understanding and English as a Second Language support.

Extensive and thorough yet intuitive and easy to use, our trusted age appropriate content is delivered through an easy to use design to ensure that your patrons and members will continue to use Britannica Library time and time again throughout their lifelong education paths.

Whats new about Britannica Library?

- Adaptive design ensures patrons and members can use Britannica Library on any device

- Easier to use interface will encourage increased usage

- Interactive games based learning assets

- 'Daily buzz words'

- 'Did you know video's'

- 'How To's' in Student and Adult views (Reviews, papers, presentations & reports)

One Learning Resource for All Age Groups

Junior (Level 1)

Designed for young and enquiring minds, this lively fun and content rich area is sure to encourage their thirst for knowledge. The intuitive features make it quick to find the results they are seeking, all in a safe online environment - perfect for ages 5-11.

Student (Level 2)

Written and visually designed for ages 12-18. Britannica Student provides content at their level of understanding; reviewed, updated, and revised by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Packed with pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging text with additional research tools.

Adult (Level 3)


A reliable and trusted foundational research resource, the Adult database introduces thousands of subjects through in-depth, thoroughly researched articles. Wider reading and further research is made easy with intuitive access to hundreds of thousands of full text journal articles, full text primary sources, references and editorially checked Web's Best Websites.

Accessibility & Flexibility


Britannica supports integration into Meta search and federated search programs, Open Search API, is Open URL compliment and, integrates with learning platforms such as Frog, Fronter etc. Here's a quick overview:

- Unlimited Concurrent Users

- On and Off Site Access

- IP Authentication Access

- Library Card Authentication

- URL Referral Accessibility

- Athens Access

- EZ Proxy Compatibility

- Meta Search

- Learning Management Systems

- Federated Search Compatible

- Open Search Compatible

- Open URL API

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